Say hello to XR2

State-of-the-Art error correction for extended range

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XR2: Afterburners for your LPWAN

After months of hard work to improve the wireless range of Semtech’s LoRa® LPWAN radio, we are pleased with the results. XR2 was initially a response to customers asking why gateways and endpoints deployed near ground level achieve a wireless range or distance that is less — far less — than what is advertised by certain entities promoting LoRa® or LoRaWAN who employing “ideal” range testing conditions. For customers deploying LoRa® for mobile use cases like asset tracking, signal propagation can be highly variable and “range” becomes a subjective term. Unlike LTE radios that blast at high wattage, the low power output of LoRa® means negotiating RF-unfriendly environments over long distances is a challenge, particularly at ground level. So optimizing range and Quality of Service (QoS) for ground level is where we began, but the benefits of XR2 apply to LoRa® radios deployed at any altitude.

Benefits of XR2

36 mile

range with gateway antenna at 3,800 foot height, endpoint at ground level.


error correction replaces Hamming codes used by the LoRa® radio. Implemented on a two-way basis. Even acks are encoded.

more battery efficient than compatable LoRaWAN devices.
in real-time, with multi-year battery life
23 db
boost over DASH7 LAN mode for LoRa® .

sizes are equal to DASH7 LAN mode.

XR Mode:
lower packet error rates
vs. LoRaWAN

• Better outdoor range

• Better indoor signal propagation

packet error rate graphic

Peer-reviewed research shows XR2 blowing past the competition

Haystack XR2: Now Increases the range of LoRa® by 4x.

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