Support options

We accompany you on your development journey.

Haystack can help you create DASH7 products whether you are an advanced user or an embedded developer with more limited experience adding wireless capabilities to your products.

We provide The Haystack to developers via a simple support subscription that includes a modest per unit royalty. We offer several support options as well as customized support for larger support challenges.

Level 1

Our standard support package includes one year of access to:

  • Haystack updates, bug fixes, and patches, including OpenTag updates and fixes months before they are released to the open source community
  • Haystack Developer Wiki
  • Haystack Q&A Center.  Interactive repository of developer questions with answers from the Haystack team as well as from other support subscribers.
  • Haystack Documentation.
  • A one-hour consultative call with a Haystack engineering lead ($500+ value)

Level 2

  • Our recommended support package includes all benefits included in Level 1 support plus one year of Email access to our support team for general problems with your Haystack implementation.

Level 3

  • Includes all benefits included in Level 2 Support plus one year of access to telephone and on-site support.  

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