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Haystack Announces GPS Asset Tracking Products

Industry-leading hardware offers up to 36 mile range and 5 year battery life


SAN MATEO, Calif., September 30, 2019 — Haystack Technologies, inventors of the DASH7 low power wireless platform, announced the beta availability of the HayTag 2.0 hardware product line featuring Semtech’s LoRaⓇ sub-1GHz radio. Integrating high-precision GPS, range of up to 36 miles, battery life measured in years, and no subscription fees, Haystack now offers the most advanced low power geolocation tracking products available today.

The system implements Haystack’s pioneering DASH7 low power wireless protocol as well as enhancements for LoRa including:

LDPC Error Correction. Only Haystack delivers two-way error correction for LoRa using technology developed for NASA’s New Horizons space probe, extending the range of LoRa by more than 3x of that offered by LoRaWAN.

On-demand GNSS/GPS. Only Haystack offers low power, real-time GPS location for LoRa endpoints, utilizing multicast messaging and Assisted GPS data to minimize endpoint power draw during location acquisition.

Other features enabled by the system include:
– Real-time, RSSI-based indoor location with up to 1-meter precision
– Real-time queries
– Peer-to-peer messaging
– Multicast and broadcast messaging
– Over-the-air firmware updates
– 128-bit AES encryption, including over-the-air key refreshes

Haystack’s new product line for Semtech’s LoRa includes the HayTag 2.0 endpoint, Haystack Gateway 1.0 for LoRa, and the UGPA omnidirectional 915 MHz external antenna. Endpoints are IP67 rated and include a u-blox ZOE GNSS/GPS receiver as well as a rechargeable lithium battery. Gateways are WiFi-enabled for easy access by any web browser and also include a rechargeable 2,900 mAh lithium battery for mobile use and USB power for fixed use. Both endpoints and gateways come pre-loaded with Haystack’s industry-leadingDASH7 firmware stack for Semtech’s LoRa.

“HayTag 2.0 is the most advanced low power GPS tracking product in the world today,” said Patrick Burns, co-founder, and CEO of Haystack. “Options for both firmware and hardware customization provide developers and OEM resellers with excellent opportunities to differentiate their low power wireless visions.”

“Haystack’s new GPS product line is an example of the strength and flexibility of LoRa technology,” said Mareca Hatler, ON World’s director of research. “Haystack is disrupting the mobile LPWAN ecosystem with significant advancements with network range, battery life, location precision, and cost.”

The HayTag 2.0 is currently in beta and today customers can order a demo kit consisting of three HayTag 2.0 endpoints, one Haystack Gateway 1.0 for Semtech’s LoRa, one UGPA 915 MHz omnidirectional antenna, and access to Haystack’s new GeoStack browser-based geolocation application. Priced at $650 + shipping/taxes, the demo kit is a simple and inexpensive way to test Haystack’s implementation of LoRa. Full commercial availability of HayTag 2.0 is scheduled for early Q1 2020 and endpoints are priced as low as $30 in high volumes.


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