Haystack technology licensing

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The low power wireless revolution attracts hundreds of developers with unique innovations and inventive solutions. At Haystack, we license companies around the world to design, manufacture, and sell products based on our industry-leading technology.

Everything you need

Haystack licensees receive the non-hardware essentials required to bring a DASH7 product vision to life. This includes a fully QA’d build, including source code, of OpenTag for the target radio platform including builds for both endpoint and gateway. Licensees also receive access to Haystack API’s and Middleware, as well as hardware reference designs. 

Licensees also subscribe to an annual Haystack maintenance and support agreement, providing access to patches, updates, bug fixes, and documentation. Details about Haystack support packages available here.

Licensees in need of firmware customization, new features, and other custom development work can take advantage of Haystack’s professional services offerings.

Licensing costs are available under non-disclosure agreement.

For more information on Haystack licensing, email us.

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