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DASH7 Specification D16y  – 08/2019
DASH7 is the ultra-low-power wireless Internet of Things protocol stack created by Haystack now utilized by dozens of applications and integrated into an international industry alliance.

Endpoint  – 09/2019
Endpoint PDF specification file

Gateway  – 09/2019
Gateway PDF specification file

Antenna  – 08/2019
Antenna PDF specification file

Demo Kit  – 08/2019
Demo Kit PDF specification file

Is Haystack limited to a single frequency band or radio?
No. DASH7 can be deployed across many sub-1GHz radio frequencies in both unlicensed and unlicensed spectrum. Similarly, we can deploy Haystack technology on a variety of sub-1GHz radios from brands like Semtech, ST Micro, TI, and others.

Is the source code for Haystack software available?

Yes: we package our code in hex-file, library, and source form.  Hex-files are archived based on the featuresets they include, and they can be flashed onto supported hardware quickly and easily. 

What is the Relationship Between OpenTag and Haystack?
OpenTag is an open source firmware library launched by Haystack that implements some elements of the DASH7 Mode 2 specification using a modified, non-commercial BSD license. We incorporate OpenTag into Haystack’s DASH7 software offerings

Is Haystack’s patent portfolio license included with The Haystack license?
Yes. For more details, view our intellectual property page.

When was Haystack founded?

Haystack was founded in mid 2010 as Blackbird Technology Holdings, Inc.

How is Haystack funded?
Haystack is privately funded.