Better connectivity
for ST Micro

Haystack delivers for
ST Micro’s Spirit radios

– and others, too

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We began working with ST Micro radios more than a decade ago. For developers interested in a DASH7 product based on ST products, ST offers several excellent sub-1GHz options.

Similarly, we have experience deploying DASH7 on radios from Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, and others. As new LPWAN radios enter the marketplace, we are open to exploring ports of our DASH7 stack to those platforms as well.

Haystack turbocharges ST Micro radios

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We focused on sub-1GHz before sub-1GHz was cool

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The benefits of sub-1GHz were apparent to us from the day we started Haystack. Penetrating or “bending around” RF-unfriendly materials and objects is dramatically better the than poor performance of higher frequencies like 2.4GHz where Bluetooth, ZigBee, and others make their home. The advent of better sub-1GHz radios combined with the power of advanced networking software like Haystack make sub-1GHz more and more the default option for many IoT developers and systems integrators.

Beginning with silicon from companies like ST Micro, we began developing the world’s most versatile sub-1GHz networking stack, DASH7.

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