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The radio is only the starting point

The high performance of the LoRa technology is throttled when developers use freeware or DIY networking software. Fortunately, Haystack invented DASH7 with radios like LoRa in mind. LoRa technology is a popular design decision for many IoT developers and by enabling long-range communications in previously crowded bands like 915 MHz, the low power design of LoRa technology enables many IoT applications not previously addressable with other radios.

But the radio is only one part of a wireless IoT solution: Haystack’s DASH7 networking stack provides a robust array of features and benefits that alternatives like LoRaWAN cannot match.

Software can make or break your LPWAN product

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Executing mobile and other high-performance Low Power Wide Area Network solutions requires more than just a good radio. And cutting corners now on networking software limits your market potential and may prove costly to you and your customers.

Great LPWAN networking software like Haystack’s DASH7 stack for LoRa incorporates the widest array of customer requirements to provide the most feature-rich LPWAN networking options available in the marketplace today. Features your customers want like security, over-the-air firmware updates and key refreshes, peer-to-peer networking, multi-hop networking, real-time queries, broadcast messaging, and much more.

Features like these are no longer just an option for LPWAN developers, they are a requirement. We know because we hear it from developers every day.

But beyond networking software, Haystack brings its suite of tools and utilities to help you bring your LPWAN product vision to life fast

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See how Haystack XR Mode increases the range of LoRa® technology by more than 3x

Haystack saves you money on gateways built with LoRa®

Sidestep the LoRa gateway "tax"

Gateways built with Haystack’s DASH7 protocol can utilize less-costly LoRa endpoint radios instead of more expensive LoRa gateways IC’s required by LoRaWAN.

Still want more convincing?

See our in-depth comparison of Haystack and LoRaWAN:

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