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We know the importance of choosing the right partner for your wireless project. A poor choice can strand customers, require costly cleanup, or simply put an entire project at risk. In addition to resources like our free DASH7 specification and OpenTag source code, here are more options for engaging with us:

XR Mode demo

  • A simple Haystack XR Mode range demo is available for trial using ST Micro's Lora® Dev Kit (Part # B-L072Z-LRWAN1). Requires Haystack non-disclosure agreement.

HayTag demo kit

the best way to try Haystack
  • Includes:
  • • 3 GPS-enabled HayTag LoRa® Endpoints
  • • 1 Haystack Gateway 2.0 for LoRa®
  • • 1 External monopole antenna with cable
  • • GeoStack browser-base geolocation application
  • • FCC/Industry Canada Certified

Talk with us

  • • In our experience, getting your project's stakeholders up to speed on your IoT project early is positively correlated with success
  • • Ask questions, challenge assumptions, map out high-level deliverables