This is DASH7

Low latency, bi-directional networking for low power wireless networks.
Invented by Haystack.

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DASH7 is a low power, low latency wireless communications standard for applications like wide area asset tracking, smart city sensing applications, or blockchain-based proof of location. DASH7 runs over wireless radio technologies including LoRa® , ST Micro’s Spirit, and others.

We started down the path of building DASH7 in the wake of the U.S. DoD’s ISO 18000-7 standardization program. Seeing the value of sub-1GHz frequencies for next-generation IoT products, it was clear that legacy protocols were ill-equipped to the task of addressing use cases like indoor location, peer-to-peer networking, multicast addressing, or even fundamental security and privacy features. Out of the necessity for a better sub-1GHz, low power, low latency networking protocol, we invented DASH7. Today, Haystack offers a fully QA’d DASH7 networking stack, OpenTag, for multiple radio platforms, backed by Haystack’s portfolio of developer tools, API’s, and Haystack’s portfolio of over 30 issued and pending patents. For companies seeking to deploy DASH7 for their wireless products, Haystack is the single stop you can rely on to execute your vision

DASH7 technical Features

  • 2-way LPWAN networking software
  • Works across different LPWAN radios
  • Ultra-low power (years on coin sell)
  • Low latency (less than 2 seconds) queries
  • Broadcast, multicast, P2P messaging
  • Two-way error correction
  • Message delivery confirmation
  • Real-time GPS, A-GPS support
  • Indoor location via RSSI, TDOA, others
  • AES128 private-key+ public-key crypto
  • OTA firmware updates, key refreshes
  • Smart contract support at endpoint
  • Invented by Haystack
image of DASH7 stack

DASH7 Benefits


DASH7 requires a tiny trickle of power to communicate between devices, allowing for battery life of 3-5 years or more even using a coin cell battery.


Haystack’s DASH7 provides a fully bi-directional networking stack supporting many features unavailable to one-way LPWAN stacks.


Haystack delivers high-precision GNSS/GPS with 10 meter precision using assisted GPS data and DASH7 multicast capabilities, while also maintaining multi-year battery life.


DASH7 provides precise indoor location down to one meter precision, in combination with RSSI-based location engines, a unique capability among low power IoT protocols.


DASH7 enables real-time queries to the true edge of the network – the endpoint. Even in dense environments with thousands of endpoints, queries are usually returned in 1-2 seconds.


Using Haystack’s proprietary error correction technologies along with multiple sub-1GHz LPWAN radios, Haystack delivers impressive range (up to 10 miles in some cases) and indoor signal propagation.


Haystack’s DASH7 networking stack operates over multiple radio technologies, providing developers with a single, “future-proof” stack that can extend beyond today’s support for LoRa® , ST Micro, TI, and other radios.


DASH7 components are inexpensive, with single chip silicon purchased in volume for $2-3 each and remaining components available for $1. DASH7 allows developers to save when deploying radios like LoRa® in bypassing overpriced gateway silicon and utilizing LoRa® endpoint silicon, saving over 80%.


DASH7 enables “cloaking” of devices and enables them to remain “invisible” until an approved device initiates a communication, but also supports two-factor authentication and other security features that are unavailable in most low power IoT protocols.

DASH7 Technology Overview

We just added even more range to DASH7