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Haystack API’s and Middleware are the result of years building DASH7 solutions for Haystack customers. Beyond the DASH7 protocol and OpenTag, Haystack brings a rich portfolio of DASH7 development utilities to your IoT product.

Because bringing your vision to market is more than just hardware and networking software. It’s about equipping you with the tools you need to shorten product development schedules and make it easier to interface with your application layer.

Faster time to market, lower development costs.

Bringing Your DASH7 Vision To Life With H-Builder

Haystack H-Builder provides the middleware and application programming interfaces developers need to take full advantage of Haystack LPWAN features. Whether you are supporting 30 endpoints or 30 million endpoints, H-Builder is the most complete LPWAN middleware solution available in the market today.
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H-Builder Edge Microservices

H-Builder provides the most sophisticated array of LPWAN features available in the marketplace today, but it does so while providing the maximum number of options for developers seeking to bridge their application layer innovation with a Haystack-based network. Structured as microservices that operate via REST API’s, H-Builder allows you the maximum flexibility and scalability to design and deploy your low power IoT vision.

Cloud Data Exchange

  • Upload telemetry to the cloud via MQTT
  • Receive and service real-time data requests posted from cloud-connected clients, such as remote smartphone & web applications
  • Synchronize data on the Gateway to data in the cloud, much like the way “Dropbox” synchronizes your files to cloud. This enables good performance for cloud-based analytics apps that may make a huge number of requests on historic data. Such data requests would otherwise overwhelm the Gateway’s connection to the internet.

Location Services

  • Collect A-GPS data from cloud-based A-GPS servers, and broadcast to the DASH7 network to support high-precision, low-power GPS on HayTags in the network.
  • Passive location derivation through RSSI trilateration of received packets, to provide lower precision location of devices without GPS receivers or downlink TDOA features. Passive location can be performed incidentally, with any received packets.
  • Active location derivation via Downlink-TDOA, to provide high-precision location of HayTags that support Downlink TDOA.

Device Proxy Server

  • Provides bridge between low-level, binary networking interface and application-level, REST+JSON data interface
  • Caches device data, received from network, for faster access by gateway software
  • Logs device telemetry to support monitoring and time-series database application

Network Manager

  • Provides driver to DASH7 network interface
  • Utilized by Device Proxy Server to query data from devices in the network
  • Utilized by Location Services to broadcast A-GPS information and to conduct active location via Downlink TDOA messages.
  • Utilized by other applications, via low-level networking API to perform advanced functions.

H-Builder Edge API’s

H-Builder also provides a range of application programming interfaces to make connecting your application layer functionality as simple as possible. Only Haystack offer the sophistication of DASH7 queries and commands, including broadcast and multicast queries, using conventional API options.
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Haystack Developer Tools & Enhancements

Beyond DASH7 and OpenTag, Haystack offers tools and enhancements to improve range performance and accelerate the new product development process:

LDPC Error Correction

  • Implemented in the baseband firmware of HayTags and Haystack Gateways
  • Massive improvement over default Hamming codes provided by Semtech in LoRa® radio
  • Currently available for LoRa® only

XR Mode Signal Testing

  • XR Mode messages are received by the Network Manager and handled by application software running on the Gateway. They are conducted through the “logger” pub/sub API. Any user application that subscribes to the logger feed will receive JSON messages containing telemetry received via XR Mode.
  • Currently available for LoRa® only

Geostack Reference App

  • A web-application built in the Vue.js framework that maps geolocation information sent as XR messages by tags in the network. It interfaces with the Device Proxy Server via websocket, and it uses the Haystack Device Proxy Server protocol (JSON-based).

Hardware Reference Designs

  • Schematics, gerbers, bills of materials for completed HayTag endpoints and Haystack gateways. One option for getting your product to market faster and at reduced cost.

Haystack connects via MQTT

Popular Pub-Sub Messaging Architecture makes integrating with Haystack devices easier than ever

Plus: Any Haystack device can serve as MQTT broker, allowing for unique features like multicast or peer-to-peer networking over MQTT

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