Haystack API for GPS asset tracking

The Haystack API

A few notes on our gateway API based on conversations with developers using the HayTag demo kit for Semtech’s LoRa:

  • Our gateway has multiple API’s, but the simplest API is the database API. This is a NoSQL-type of data store that abstracts a fundamentally non-REST dataflow (retrieving data from a network of low-power endpoints) into a REST dataflow. All HayTag endpoints contain internal, mini databases. They have permissions, too, so we call this the “filesystem.”
  • One of the roles of the gateway database is to cache all the endpoint databases in its network, so that applications can access this cache with the shortest possible latency or, alternatively, without unnecessarily overloading the network. Low power networks are delicate and either have long latencies or are sensitive to collisions.The Haystack gateway thus abstracts low-power network management with a deceptively simple data access API.
  • The Haystack API uses a JSON-based protocol, which can be conveyed over many common internet protocols like as HTTP or MQTT. For example, our Haystack gateways include integrated webservers that serve single-page-web-applications, written in HTML and Javascript, which use the API over HTTP websockets to the database.
  • In summary, we make it as easy as possible to interface your application — whether at the edge or in the cloud — with Haystack’s hardware products. You can even begin working with our hardware via one of our demo kits which includes Geostack, a web-based geolocation app, for which we can provide source code and enable development over our API.


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