Image of HayTag 2.0 endpoint

Here Are The Most Advanced GPS Trackers In The World

This week we begin the rollout of a new GPS hardware product line featuring Semtech’s LoRa radio. After our announcement of  DASH7 XR Mode this spring, we engaged in new conversations with developers, systems integrators, and resellers for whom working with embedded source code might be an option, but have a strong preference for either an OEM module or a completed hardware device with our firmware pre-loaded, allowing them to focus and innovate elsewhere in the solution stack.

If you take a moment to poke your head in and look at we’ve been working on all this time, you will not only find the most advanced GPS trackers in the world, but you will notice a level of affordability that is designed to help your business scale early.

Some video for you here:

The Endpoint

Our new endpoint, which we are dubbing HayTag 2.0, uses the Semtech SX1276 LoRa transceiver, ST Micro’s STM32 MCU, and the u-bloxZOE GNSS/GPS transceiver. We’ve paired it with a 1,000 milliamp-hour lithium battery and have added a micro USB charging port to address a set of use cases that require extremely heavy query rates. Demo endpoints are now available for purchase and run DASH7 XR Mode so are achieving excellent outdoor and indoor range. It is the most advanced GPS tracker in the world. For more info on the endpoint, click here.

The Gateway

Our new gateway also uses the Semtech 1276 transceiver and the STM32 MCU, along with an Onion Omega 2 Linux board with WiFi, allowing the gateway to pair with any desktop, laptop, or mobile phone with WiFi. The gateway also ships with a 2,900 mAh rechargeable lithium cell, allowing users to transport it in a car, etc. to locate missing/lost assets, etc. For more info on the gateway, click here.

The Antenna

We are bundling the gateway with a 915 MHz external monopole antenna that also includes a 10-foot coaxial cable. You are of course free to use a longer cable, but the idea is you can mount this antenna on a roof or other elevated structure for optimal range performance. For more info on the antenna, click here.

The API and the App

Data from the gateway is exposed in our new geolocation app, GeoStack. It’s written in vue.js and will either be a really simple interface for testing the demo hardware or it will be a starting point for those of you wanting an API from which to build new apps. Either way, we can share the source to those who buy the kits and you can experiment. Documentation is limited at the moment but you’ll see the location of the endpoints on the screen like this:

The Demo Kit

We are bundling three (3) HayTag 2.0 endpoints with a single LoRa gateway and single monopole antenna for developers and others who want to test the range and geolocation capability of this hardware. Asset tracking represents a large portion of the interest in Haystack and limiting functionality to geolocation makes this first kit easier and faster to get to market.

Haystack asset tracking demo kit showing an endpoint, gateway, and monopole antenna

The demo kit is priced at $650 plus shipping and limited to USA and Canada. You can order here and deliveries are currently expected to take 4–8 weeks. Note: other countries are on our roadmap — drop us a line and please let us know your interest. Volume deliveries of our LoRa hardware are scheduled to begin

Additional Notes

We are happy with the state of this hardware, but be advised we are still calling the endpoint and the gateway “beta.” For example, the endpoints are not sealed as they will be for final production so … don’t dunk them in water or otherwise abuse them.

It is worth noting that this hardware product line is aimed towards OEM resellers — our goal is not to sell hardware directly to end-users though we have already begun to get those sorts of orders so, yes, sure, you can order a demo kit if you are one of those. 🙂