Transform Your Wireless Vision

The longest range.The lowest power. The lowest cost connectivity.

Ready for action.

Extends The Range Of LoRa® By More Than 3X

Haystack’s new DASH7 XR Mode with advanced error correction turns “wide area” networks into “very wide area” networks.

GPS Precision,

Multi-Year Battery Life

Only Haystack offers long range asset tracking with high resolution location with multi-year battery life. And no subscriptions.

Bring Us Your Asset Tracking Challenges

Tough situations like connecting with low power, high speed objects are where Haystack shines. With the most advanced feature set of any LWPAN networking solution in the marketplace today, Haystack addresses unique needs unlike anyone else in the marketplace.

Lets Build
Something Together

Haystack supplies the software, hardware, developer tools, and other IP assets you need. Plus support and custom design services to minimize product development costs.

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